Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Do You Believe What You Believe?

I had an interesting conversation with one of my close friends today. She asked me to spell out my morals, and how they had come to be. I think this is a very interesting question, and one that we should all think about. Especially the part about how they came to be our beliefs.

Personally, mine are probably heavily based on what my mother has taught me about life. Of course, much of it has been twisted around to fit my lifestyle, and what i want to believe. My family is a very tolerant one. I have always had confidence that my choices wouldn't drastically change how they felt about me. Then again, I havent done anything to crazy yet.

What I was taught about sex, is one reason I believe so much in a tolerant lifestyle, and I think it has been very good for me. I discovered what exactly sex was at age 6, when I asked. Unlike many awkward parents, my mother simply told me. But she did put it in a way that didn't freak me out, and didn't make it seem bad. See I think alot of parents install the idea that sex is a bad thing, in order to discourage their kids from doing it. I don't think this is healthy, because it makes your child feel guilty for the cravings we are programmed to want. I am not saying you should let these feelings take control, but you shouldn't have to feel guilt either. My mother always told me sex was a beautiful, love enforcing thing, but not in a way that made me want to do it. She made it clear that it was for people who are really in love. I am not sure how else to describe it. I don't really remember her ever telling me that you have to wait until marriage, but she did tell me it was better to wait until you were out of highschool, because she knew alot of people who had regretted it, and personally she was glad she waited. However she was always very aware of the fact that I might not take that path. She was open with methods of birth-control, and I knew that if I ever did want to I could ask for her help. Because of her guidence, I have a very healthy outlook on sex, and a very open outloook on other peoples choices.

I think that because my parents are very liberal, it has caused me to be very open-minded. But I also think I would be that way regardless of their teachings. We think for ourselves. So while other people influence our values and decisions, we ultimately have the power. So think about it, why do you believe what you believe?