Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So recently I looked over my morals, the things I tell people I believe. And I realized that they aren't completely true. I was overcome with the need to be innocent. To be good enough for the people I think are better then me. And I realized that I am just me. I spend alot of time trying to be someone else. To say words that are forced. I am a good person overall, and my favorite thing to do is to give love to people. But I am not perfect, and thats okay. We've all felt this way.

Anyway, the point of todays blog is to say that although we are forever working on coming back to ourselves, the person we come back to will change to. And thats okay. Beliefs are affected by the people we admire.The people we care about, and what they believe.

For me, religion is an ever changing belief. I believe in God very much. But I do not attend church, nor have I read the bible. But I have a notebook, where I write prayers to God. And I love many bible verses. I love that there is someone, or something else out there in the world to help me. So I don't have to pick myself up all by myself. So I'm not alone.

And I must admit that the people I am currently close to have helped me form this belief. A boy I am just recently getting to know again has done alot for me, even though he doesn't know it. He talks about his religion so beautifully. He tells me his favorite verses. And most importantly he is still him. He is a gentleman, but he has fun, and does crazy things. He believes, but he doesn't push it on anyone. And he helps me to believe to. Also, my boyfriend, he isn't super religious, but I think he believes to. I know his family does. And his morals, his innocence, and his nobleness in ways that many boys aren't, make me a better person. They make me believe that people are good. This post is a shout out to those two boys. They are helping me be better, be someone I am happy with. And I love them. They don't know the affect they have on me. But it's there all the same.

So basically today, I am saying that it's okay for beliefs to change. If other people change your direction, it doesn't mean that it's not yours. It's okay to change, as long as you like the person you become. We're still coming back to ourselves, because we are constantly discovering what that means, and who that is.