Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inner Voice VS Little Voice

These two concepts can easily be confused. They are both voices in our heads that often control the way we act, or things we say. However, there is a huge difference.

The inner voice is similar to a conscience. It is what we listen to in order to find ourselves. It helps us prioritize. Without this voice we would be unable to have strong relationships with others. Listening to your inner voice can be very difficult, because as we know the right thing and the easiest thing can be very different.

The little voice is the mean one. The thing that says we are not good enough. That stops us from saying how we feel. The little voice installs fear in us, it makes us fear rejection, which stops us from having close relationships. It brings pain and leaves us forever unsatisfied. Not only does this voice attack us, it hurts others. When we are upset with ourselves, often we attack others, to try to escape it. It is easier to blame someone else for a problem than to accept disappointment in yourself.

Learning to figure out which voice is which isn't always easy. The voice that tells you not to ditch class, is that inner or little voice? It depends on who we are talking about. But it is important to recognize these differennt voices. To take actions to silence the little voice who says that we can't do it. As well as to learn to hear the inner voice. The inner voice is a key part to finding and following our personal set of rules, as mentioned in my previous post.

So listen carefully. Because the little voice? It's all in our heads. But the inner voice, that comes from our hearts.

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