Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Difference Between Needing Someone, and Being Needy

The line between needing someone, and being needy is often one clouded by fear. We don't want to be needy, yet as social creatures, we do need each other. Admiting that we need someone is difficult because we are giving them a part of us that they could break. Showing that need is associated with being needy in most peoples perspective, and neediness is rejected by society.

We are supposed to be strong and independant, and I believe most people would admit it is easier to not need anyone, because then no one can hurt or disapppoint us. But it hurts to be alone. We are left trying to figure out conflicting thoughts.

Neediness is looked down upon for the most part. We all have at least one friend who is very needy, and every individual is needy during some point in our lives. Lets face it, it can be very annoying. Personally I do not like people when I think they are being needy. I want to feel needed, but if its to much, I get irritated. I would say neediness is when it is not needing you as a person, but needing to be the sole object of your attention. Like when a friend paws at you because you are talking to someone else, and she is not getting your full attention.

It is okay to need people. Its true, we get hurt from it sometimes. But it's better than feeling alone. It can be hard to trust someone, to give them that piece of ourselves that they could easily break. But I have a question for you. Do you want to feel needed and important to others? Yes. Remember that when you are unsure of letting someone know that you need them.

I am not saying we should be clingy, needy creature. In the end that will bring you more pain that anyone else. Independance is important. The challenge is to find a balance between needing others, and taking care of yourself. What helps you guys do this?

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